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Welcome to Toronto & Ontario


The genteel and civilized metropolis that's home to one of every nine Canadians. Toronto actually works. It's clean. And green. There's a harmonious mix of ethnic groups. The public-transit system is a dream, a seamless patchwork of buses, streetcars, and subways. The Lake Ontario waterfront district is a charmer. And most of the rest of the city- a pleasant melange of modern chrome and glass and small-town Canada-is a laid back collection of village-like neighborhoods.

Toronto has a current population of 4.4 million people.The city has become a Mega city called GTA( Greater Toronto Area) by merging several municipalities into one.

There are more than 20,000 retail stores and restaurants in the city while the vibrant fashion industry continues to grow.

Toronto has lots of entertainment: jazz in June; experimental theater, folk art, Shakespeare, and neighborhood feasts in July; music and dance in August; film and arts in September.

Toronto is the fourth largest financial centre in North America and includes the head offices of Canada's major banks and many of the country's top companies.

Statistics Canada also notes that Toronto boasts one of North America's largest medical communities with more than 50 hospitals, 8,000 physicians and more than 50,000 health care professionals.



Capital: Toronto

Motto: Ut Inceptit Fedelis Sic Permanet (Loyal it began, loyal it remains)

Flower: White Trillium

Population, 1998: 11,404,750



The Land The name “Ontario” comes from the Iroquois word “Kanadario” meaning “sparkling water”. The name is fitting - not only is Ontario bordered on the south by the Great Lakes and on the north by Hudson Bay, but 177 390 km2, or one sixth of its terrain, is covered by rivers and lakes. Ontario is larger than Spain and France combined. The province has a landmass of 1,068,580 sq km and is the 2nd largest province in Canada. At its greatest extremity Ontario is 690 km in width. the longest distance north/south is 1,730 km. The highest point, at 693 m above sea level, is in the District of Timiskaming, near Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park.


The People


With over 11 million people, Ontario is the country's most heavily populated province. While English is the official language, Ontario's Francophones play an essential part in the province's cultural life. The provincial government provides services in French in those regions where the Francophone population is sufficiently high.




Ontario is Canada's most productive province, generating some 40 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Its manufacturing industries lead the way. Ontario's competitive advantages include its natural resources, modern transportation system, large, well-educated labour force, reliable and relatively inexpensive electrical power, and proximity to key U.S. markets: less than a day's drive puts Ontario's products within reach of 120 million American consumers. Automobiles are Ontario's major manufacturing industry and most important export, employing more than 140 000 people. Motor vehicles, parts and accessories accounted for 37% of Canada's total exports in 1998.

*Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright (c) 2003.

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